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Please find here our latest apriori pr and marketing trend reports for your free download. Please register first and confirm the download request and we will provide you immediately with a pdf file via email.

Trend Report
Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 showcased a diverse range of trends and innovative installations, reflecting the latest movements in design across various disciplines like e.g., Automobile Design, Art and Design, Architecture and Design, Furniture Design, Workplace Design, Technology and Design as well as Health Design. Register below to receive apriori pr and marketing’s latest trend report from our trendscouting during Milan design week 2024.

AI Trend Report

Coming soon! We are currently working on our latest trend report about AI marketing. Stay tuned!

GEN Z Trend Report

Coming soon! We are currently working on a trend report about the Generation Z and how to reach this generation through customized marketing.

MCBW Trendreport 2024 apriori

MCBW Trend Report

The Munich Creative Business Week took 2024, realised from 11th to 19th May 2024 with its this years topic “How to co-create with nature”, offered a variety of events for designers, businesses, marketeers, architects and sustainability managers. Our team has been exploring the city of Munich during the Creative Business week and is presenting its 2024 MCBW trend report after the 22nd May.

Design Trend Report  

Get a glimpse of some of the impressions the apriori team collected during Milan Design week 2024 in the areas of automobile design, furniture design, workplace design, art & design, Technology & Design as well as Health Design from this video summary.

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Milan Design Week 2024 Trend Report