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On Thursday, May 11th, the second in the Meetup series of the Start-up corporate Exchange, coordinated by the Digital Business Design Agency BRAINS & HEARTS and the International PR and Marketing Agency apriori will take place at the Microsoft Offices in Munich.

Start-up founders along with experts from well-established international companies will exchange ideas on the current challenges and opportunities in respect of BIG DATA.

 We would like to invite you to join in on the discussion on May 11th.


Welcome note by Juan Tejeda, Managing Director BRAINS & HEARTS and Christiane Lesch, Managing Director apriori

Aymeric Gerardin, Manager Big Data infrastructure, Amadeus Group “Amadeus Big Data journey, lessons learned and observed value.”
1.3 Petabytes of data a day to manage is our day to day work! Why do we need so much data? The challenges we faced in our Big Data journey were not the ones expected. Company culture, process changes or organizational changes were by far our biggest show stoppers. What are our lessons learned? What solutions did we design to succeed and most of all do we have the value we had expected before we started?

Terry Wenninger Partner and Sommelier-in-Chief of BUYBOON „Using Big Data to a retailer’s advantage.“
Terry will talk about their idea at BUYBOON, buyers guide, of collecting consumer data for suitable recommendations in respect of e.g. the best wine choice for every occasion, wine know-how, and individual taste. Terry will give some insights about using artificial intelligence, chatbots, etc. for the retailer’s advantage.

Peter Stockhammer, Managing Director of Generali Vitality GmbH „Smart insurance for a healthier life through Big Data“
Peter will present the new Generali Vitality program, the new health, and wellness program of insurance company Generali that helps insured customers to live healthier lives. He will give insights in the idea of their smart insurance initiative with the use of Big Data; the insurer captures the global trend of healthy living with a program offering incentives for a health-conscious behavior.

Fritz Beindorff General Manager, Aquakultur „Big Data for Start-ups.“
Starting a business where Big Data plays a crucial role can be a daunting experience. Fritz will talk about the several challenges facing start-ups when using big data and how it can impact the business.

Roeland Nieuwenhuis, Azure Data Solutions Architect Microsoft „BIG DATA solutions at Microsoft.“
Microsoft’s services alone generate petabytes of data a day that we need to process timely and efficiently. To deal with this tremendous amount of data Microsoft uses and has developed many Big Data services. Roeland will show how Microsoft now enables its clients to do the same using its Azure platform and what potential it has unlocked for some of our clients.

A get-together with drinks and snacks will be provided at the event.

Registration over meetup or via email to: events@aprioripr.com